Texas Dry Garden

The office block attached to this garden had originally been built by Texas Instruments and there is a Texan theme throughout

This garden has been designed, to fit with the theme, using a Texas arroyo (dry river bed) as our influence. It is at the main entrance and is enjoyed by the office workers as they arrive and leave as well as great views from the offices.

Around the edge of the arroyo we have created a simulated prairie garden with native grasses and native flowers.

Many of the plants used needed special conditions so extensive drainage was installed and special soil was created for us to ensure the Texas plants are happy.

Special rocks were found and created to simulate the coloured rocks found in south west Texas.

Agaves, Yuccas, succulent Euphorbias, hesperaloes are all growing in the arroyo as are some very special hardy cactus .

A retaining wall was needed so we created a "living" wall from gabion baskets and cobblestones. We planted ferns grasses and bugle in the sides and stonecrops on the top to create the designed effect.

The final garden has become a very special place. As far as we know it is the only one of its kind outside Texas and compliments the Texas Instruments building perfectly. It is the home for a number of very rare plants which will only grow in the conditions we have created.

A few more views of the garden

Image Image Image Image

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