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Victorian Town Garden

A garden designed for an old Victorian town house. It already benefitted from 2 mature monkey puzzle trees (Araucaria araucana) and an old red brick wall around the entire perimeter.

It also had some problems – the main one being on old raised patio constructed above the damp proof course in front of the sun room. The client confirmed that they had a damp problem in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, with the entrance to the sun room being raised up we either had to replace the existing raised paved area or have steps down from the sun room.

The solution was to use decking as it allows air to circulate underneath and View down garden, therefore solve the damp problem. However, decking would be too contemporay and not give the kind of feel this Victorian garden cried out for. Having said that there is no doubt that the Victorians used something similar to decking (you only have to look at the cricket pavilions of the time). The answer was to build a dummy wall in front of the decking. The result is a seating area which blends in with the property perfectly and could have been there since the house was built.

The rest of the garden revolves around a series of circles and carefully sculpted borders to give year round colour.