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Italianate Garden

This garden was created in a new garden on a new estate and it was a lot of fun. It has an Italianate theme and has been designed to maximise the space.

Outside the lounge, the paving runs at an angle with 100 x 100 terracotta tiles inset in the centre and the paving outside the dining room is octagonal with mosaic cobbles inset for an Italian effect.

To give the impression of more space a path leads to a seat behind the garage giving the impression that there may be a larger area to explore.

Pergola arches over this path help to screen the neighbouring house as well as creating some verticals.

A second pergola is installed outside the dining room creating a delightful cosy sitting area.

Both these pergolas are treated with a stone coloured preservative to give the impression of a stone structure.

To finish the garden off some classical pillar/plinths have been positioned to give the impression of old ruins and some urns dotted around including one pouring water. The plants used are fairly exotic although there are some traditional roses and clematis over the pergola.

Finally the garden has been completed with mood lighting making the living space come alive at night.