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Landscape Planning

A well thought out landscaping scheme can enhance any public space. We pride ourselves with attention to detail and a desire to enhance any structure.

Comprehensive Service

Our Comprehensive Design Service:

  • We collaborate closely with architects and planners to achieve optimal results for your project.
  • Professional landscaping plans are included in our service.
  • We liaise with planners to ensure that each scheme meets their specific requirements.
  • Prior to construction, brick paving is carefully mapped out with the assistance of a paving contractor, prioritizing the safety of plants. We also offer dairy brick repair and asphalt repair upon client’s request.
  • Our expert plantspeople create a detailed Planting plan, ensuring the right plant is in the right place, thriving under ideal conditions, and planted at appropriate distances. This approach saves time, reduces the need for excessive plants, and minimizes post-care efforts.
  • A Maintenance schedule is provided, meeting basic planning conditions. For an additional cost, we can supply month-by-month maintenance instructions, which can be shared with property owners or maintenance teams.
  • Our commitment extends beyond the design phase. We remain available to ensure successful implementation of the plans, providing ongoing support to achieve your desired outcome.

A Unique Approach to Landscaping

Commonly, landscaping schemes suffer from overplanting, with excessively large plants chosen based on the assumption of potential vandalism. However, in reality, very few plants are lost to vandalism or other forms of destruction.

Lack of knowledge or care often results in large-growing plants being placed in inappropriate locations, obstructing windows and encroaching on paths.

Our priority is low maintenance. While overplanted schemes may require minimal maintenance initially, they quickly become overgrown and demand significant attention to maintain their appearance.

These overplanted schemes are not only expensive to install but also costly to control and keep visually appealing over time.

Our approach is distinct. We carefully select and plant the right plants at the proper density, ensuring a low-maintenance scheme that remains visually pleasing for many years without excessive upkeep.

Prices for our services start at £500, offering cost-effective solutions tailored to your landscaping needs.

Office Block Entrance Garden

The entrance to an office is the first impression anyone gets of not just the building, but also the companies or company that use it.

Bistro Garden

This garden is the outside room for the Graze Bistro. The space is flexible with a large paved area in the centre for much larger functions and conferences.

Small Estate Garden

This small country garden benefits from a delightful sitting area on an island in the centre of a small pond.

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