Garden Training

Gardening is not easy, but it can be relaxing and enjoyable. In the past gardeners learnt through making mistakes and hopefully, by not making those mistakes again. With our input many of these mistakes can be avoided from the start.


Personal garden training

Gardens can be a little daunting at first. We mow the lawn, trim the hedges, do some weeding, buy some plants that have a pretty flower and dot them around randomly not realising that the conditions may not be suitable for them. But what if we want to go a step further?

Most gardeners learn by trial and error; plant some plants, find out why they died, then try not to repeat the same mistake next time.

The problem with this approach is that it costs time and money; something, these days, that we are all short of.

A day or two personal garden training will alleviate many of the elementary mistakes and make you more confident.


Construction and support

Once you have your design you might want to construct the garden yourself. We have experienced landscapers who can work with you in the construction of the garden.

The garden to the right here was constructed by the client with help from one of our landscape construction tutors

Garden Design
A Personal Garden Trainer

is someone who will work with you to raise your skills and confidence in the garden to a level of excellence. This is our flagship service and works in a similar way to a Personal Trainer but a bit more relaxed with a lot less sweat.


DIY Garden Construction

In some instances our clients want to be more involved with the construction of their garden. We will give as much help as we can but sometimes that is not enough. We can introduce an experienced landscape gardener to work alongside the garden owner to ensure a successful implementation of the project.



We would strongly endorse Graham’s work. He produced a beautiful design for our garden which creates corners and areas of interest and changing colours throughout the year. The flowers are unusual with beautiful combinations of colour and scent. A small investment for a daily injection of happiness..

A. Howard

Graham's support throughout the brainstorm, design, construction and finishing has been superb. He has designed both my front and back garden and supported me over the course of 12 months with contractors, building, design changes/updates and of course the plants. After it was finished I had a few ideas about changes and he supported everything. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Oliver Gee

I have been using Graham Pavey for many years for landscapes designs. I have found him reliable and his work standard are high. All the time I have used him he has provided the design at agreed timescale. I will not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family.

Mr G.Y. Maulden

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