Garden Design Process

The actual process of designing a garden, if done correctly, can take some time. This page will help to explain how it works.

All garden design work is carried out by Graham so you can be assured of the highest level of attention

We will work with you to create the garden you want.

'It would not be right for us to
experiment in people's gardens, so we work around what is already there and only incorporate
what we know will work'.

Then in order for you to keep unwanted animals in your garden, our recommendation is to hire the services of pest control Camberwell regularly for prevention.


Our Designers' expertise

Graham was trained by some of the leading garden designers of the 20th century and uses techniques designed to make a garden feel comfortable and roomy, if you want the same feeling in your own garden but have some trees in the way, then you should consider contacting high quality stump grinding services for assistance.

Amber works closely with Graham and brings a contemporary eye to each project. Couple this with a desire to ensure the construction is carried out to a high standard, that the new garden is practical and easy to look after, and you will have a good idea of our values

The garden design is only the first stage in the process of creating a garden. Construction, obtaining the plants, planting and maintenance are all important elements and we give assistance at every stage.

Garden design stage

Garden Design
After drawing up the survey we will create a design based on the information prepared at the initial site meeting. This is then drawn up ready for the next stage.


Garden Design
A planting plan is then created for the new garden design plan. This will be based on the lifestyle and requirements of the clients and will, where possible, include plants already planted in the garden.

Contractors notes

Garden Design
These are then drawn up and consist of a list of instructions for the landscape gardener (the contractor) to enable him or her to build the garden. This stage is an essential part of ensuring the work carried out is done properly and to the highest standards.

Maintenance Instructions

Garden Design
With a planting plan we produce month by month maintenance instructions. Although low in maintenance there are still things to do to make it look at its best. Armed with these maintenance instructions all it will take is a couple of hours work occasionally as no time is wasted doing what isn't necesssary. These instructions will also cover existing plants. Although we do not offer regular maintenance we can come out for the first year to show you what needs to be done (pruning is a skill which can be taught)

Site Visits

Garden Design
An initial site visit to discuss the garden and your requirements. We will then carry out a full survey during the visit (sometimes we will return to do the survey another day if time, or the weather, are against us). Once the design has been completed we visit the garden again and go over the design with you. If changes are required then another visit will be arranged once the changes have been applied.


Garden Design

Once the design has been finalised then we need to get the garden constructed, for this, we usually use commercial sod. We work with contractors who have a proven track record. Once the garden has been constructed, then we like to obtain the plants to ensure they are good quality and true to type. We will deliver them, place them and plant them. 


We would strongly endorse Graham’s work. He produced a beautiful design for our garden which creates corners and areas of interest and changing colours throughout the year. The flowers are unusual with beautiful combinations of colour and scent. A small investment for a daily injection of happiness..

A. Howard

Graham produced the design for our garden, recommended some contractors and also oversaw the work our chosen contractor did. The design delivered everything from our brief and more. We asked for scent, minimal effort and maintenance and a purple and pink colour theme. The surprise in the first year as plants appeared and developed was great and we have spent many happy hours in our garden enjoying it and also doing some light gardening. We are looking forward to the first year of snowdrops in 2020. Graham has also been a helpful adviser for our amateur efforts in establishing our new gardening skills, always patient with helpful suggestions.

J.G. Wixams

Graham has designed, and supported our garden activities for over 20 years, and with great success. His skill is obvious, and his readiness to respond and help in the ongoing modifications and maintenance are noteworthy. We can recommend him without reservations.

Mr and Mrs M. Harrold

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