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We have been designing gardens for 25 years and are very proud of our achievements. However, time marches on and some gardens may now need tweeking to maintain them at their best or need altering to meet their owners’ changing needs- new lifestyle, children growing up, more (or less) time to look after them! As a result we have been approached by a number of clients to assist them. To this end we have pulled a team together with a variety of skills and are offering the following services.

Personal Garden Training.
This is for you if you want to look after your garden yourself but maybe lack confidence in your ability. Your personal garden trainer will guide you through the steps necessary to maintain your garden. Afterwards you will have the skills to keep your garden at its best and the confidence to relax and enjoy the experience. This can also be done with your gardener.

Garden Assessment and Report.
Carried out by Graham, this involves a visit to the garden to assess how it has developed and then producing a report detailing recommendations on how to proceed.

Maintenance Folder.
Each of our designs comes with month-by-month maintenance instructions. This new service is to provide the same folder for those gardens which haven’t been designed by us.

For more details of these services take a look at the Services section.