Landscapes - Texas Garden

Texas garden

This business centre was originally purpose built for, and by, Texas Instruments. This company’s involvement in Bedford is fondly remembered, so to celebrate their time here, a Texas garden has been created outside the main entrance.

The building has also been upgraded and enhanced, creating the leading business centre in Bedford, but the Texas garden is putting the venue on the map.

To achieve something like this requires a strong understanding of plants and how to use them. The soil is a special recipe to provide the Texan native plants with conditions they need. The shingle area simulates a Texas arroyo (dry creek) and is planted with hardy succulents, grasses and even cactus.

Texas garden The rocks and cobblestones have been specially selected to simulate the colour of the strata in many parts of Texas and positioned to give the appearance that they had been washed down from the hills during one of the occasional a heavy storms.

A change in level enabled us to introduce a "living" wall, constructed from gabion baskets backfilled with soil and cobblestones and planted with shade-loving plants

Our landscapes and approach to planting can enhance any building project, from simple landscape planting to a themed scheme like this. Every project gets the same attention to detail and includes liaising with planners should permission be required. We have a detailed approach to normal landscaping schemes to ensure the landscaper, or builder, can easily follow our plans to ensure the best possible outcome.


Aerial view of all the gardens at Bedford Heights                                                                     Environments created for succulents and cactus

Drought garden Garden Design, lawn, mowing strip, pergola










The Living wall

Living Wall

The rocks and cobblestones were carefully selected for their colour.