Italianate Garden

This garden was created in a new garden on a new estate and is a lot of fun. It has an Italianate theme and has been designed to maximise the space.



Victorian Town Garden

With the careful use of materials, selection of plants and good design combine to create a garden which could easily be as old as the house .



Small Estate Garden

The house was brand new and the small garden was just a heap of topsoil.




Small Barn Conversion Garden

Surrounded by old barns and tumbled down buildings the new garden had to fit neatly with its environment as well as be practical and roomy for the clients' young children to play.




Farmyard Garden

Built on the yard where dairy cows collected to be milked this courtyard garden has a lot of lessons for all garden owners




How can I ever thank you!
When you left on Saturday (after an initial consultation, prior to a design) I looked out of the window at the garden and, for the first time in over a year, I felt happy and hopeful that we could make something wothwhile of it all....

Talking to you was just what we both needed to believe it was possible.

Mrs P, Luton