Garden Maintenance Manual

Do you know the name of every plant in your garden? No? Then how can you know if you are looking after them correctly? It is true that most plants will look after themselves, to a point, but for some the correct pruning and feeding are essential. Without it they will deteriorate and, in some instances, even die. It is alsoimportant to carry out the work at the correct time - for instance, pruning late in the year can encourage soft growth before the winter weather which can cause a plant to suffer in the frosts. On the other hand some plants require pruning in the winter months.

Acaena microphylla pruning at the correct time makes such s difference to the garden

We will visit your garden, identify the plants growing there and produce a folder with month by month maintenance instructions for each plant. It ensures that when you spend time in the garden you can be as effective as possible. Treat the plants in your garden well and they will reward you with longer and healthier flowering, turning what can be a chore into an enjoyable pastime.

As well as specific instructions, there is a month-by-month list of general tasks; for instance the correct time to clip a hedge or when to treat the lawn.

If you employ a gardener, are you happy that he or she is doing the best for you in your garden. Many gardeners work in a number of gardens and perhaps do not give your garden the attention it needs. With a maintenance plan you can ensure the work done is specific to your garden and also means you have the power to check up on what they are doing.

For an extra charge we can supply plant labels for each plant. Each label is waterproof, fadeproof and impervious to garden chemicals.

The following is an example from a maintenance folder produced.

Example Maintenance folder

We also offer a service where we will join you in the garden to show you how to carry out the work recommended.