Garden Design Experience Day

Run at Kathy Brown's delightful garden at The Manor House in Stevington near Bedford, these days are a great way of relaxing and learning about garden design principles, not only to enhance your garden but also to enrich your soul. Kathy and Graham A.Pavey work together to ensure your day is varied and memorable. As well as showing you the intimate details and garden design of The Manor House's world famous garden, Kathy and Graham look at your own individual problems and try to come up with a solution.

French Garden Kathy showing guests around garden

The day starts at 10:00 with an introduction and is followed by Graham A.Pavey talking about garden design, concentrating on techniques which can be used to improve the look and maintainability of your garden. After morning coffee (or tea if you prefer) with Kathy and Graham, Graham turns his attention to planting in garden design, showing techniques used in garden design to achieve an overall effect all round the garden. Lunch is a time for getting to know Kathy, Graham and the other attendees as well as enjoying a well-rounded light lunch which often includes recipes using edible flowers taken from Kathy Brown's book "The Edible Flower Garden"

After lunch Kathy takes us on a walk around the garden, paying special attention to the garden design elements, taking in the French style garden, the Wisteria Walk, the ornamental grass parterre, wild flower meadow, the Hepworth garden, the Rothko garden and the shady garden. The Manor House Garden exhibits many 'living' planting plans from her books 'The Cottage Garden', 'The Edible Flower Garden' , 'Edible Flowers' ,'Flower Power', 'Bulbs for All Seasons' , and her latest book 'Gardener's Guide to Bulbs' brimming with practical guidance and garden design ideas for both borders and containers. A wealth of bulbs, herbs, cottage garden perennials, old fashioned roses, early and late clematis including many viticellas are on display in their season French Garden

The day finishes with afternoon tea and the floor is handed to you and the other students to drive a relaxed discussion looking at individual problems you may have. The day ends at approximately 4.00 pm. Even then there is still time for you to have another look around the garden before heading back home. The typical cost for the day is £69 and gift vouchers are available making it the perfect gift.

The days are run periodically through the year from Easter onwards. For more details please call 01234 269169 and talk to Chris.

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Hi Kathy,

A note to say thank you, and how much I enjoyed the day with you and Graham, finding out more about plants and giving me ideas for our garden. I see from your blog that you did manage to find out how to make Eeyore's house, and it looks very good !

Val Timson