Landscape Planning

Modern garden

A well thought out landscaping scheme can enhance any public space. We pride ourselves with attention to detail and a desire to enhance any structure. To this end we liaise with both the architect and the planner to achieve the best result. What we offer:

- Professional landscaping plans at reasonable prices.

- We liaise and work with planners to ensure each scheme passes their requirements.

- Our Planting plans are produced by professional and knowledgeable plantsmen. The right plant in the right place, growing in the right conditions and planted the right distance apart, stands the best chance of not just surviving but thriving. Our approach saves time and money as less plants are required and less after care visits are necessary.

- Maintenance. If required we can go a step further and supply month by month maintenance instructions, which can be given to the property owner, or any maintenance team.

- After plan service. Once the plans are produced we are always available to ensure they are implemented successfully. overgrown planting

All too often landscaping schemes are overplanted with very large growing plants. The premise for overplanting is "vandal recovery" but there are very few plants lost in these schemes either from vandals or any other form of destruction. A lack of knowledge or care leads to large growing plants being planted.

Low maintenance is imperative and these overplanted schemes need little or no maintenance early in their life; however, after a few years they become oevrgrown and need lots of attention to keep them looking good.

Overall these schemes are unnecessarily expensive to install and costly in the long run to control and keep looking good.

We plant the right plants at the right density to ensure a low-maintenance scheme which looks good for many years.

prices start at £400

Added Value

With years of experience behind us we can expand your landscaping scheme to enhance the property/properties for sale. The planners require a commitment to maintain the scheme for a lengthy period after contruction which can be time consuming. We can supply maintenance instructions for the new home owner to empower them to look after their new garden.