Assessment and Report

gardens can become uncontrollable with incorrect maintenance

Most of our gardens are designed to be low maintenance, but the garden will look at its best if the maintenance instructions are followed. Despite this the planting will need more work periodically to keep is at its best, usually after around 10 years. Each garden will mature differently and although they may start off looking similar will be very different after 10 years and have different problems.

This service is carried out by Graham personally and involves a garden visit to assess the situation followed by a list of recommendations in the form of a report.

Normally, these recommendations will deal with the current situation but we believe very much in prevention being better than cure so Graham will also advise on potential problems which may have gone unnoticed.

This service would also suit the garden owner who perhaps doesn't want a design but wants to get on top of their garden. Sometimes an inherited garden is overgrown but within the undergrowth are some very useful and in some cases valuable plants so clearing the garden is perhaps a false economy. Useful advise from Graham will be invaluable and a first step on the journey to a garden to be proud of.

Prices: on-site: £40 an hour (daily rate: £250. half-day £125).
Report: £50