Special Projest - Tranquility Garden (Drought Resistant)


The entrance to Bedford Hospital South wing hospital was always dominated by this amoaebic shaped roundabout heavily shaded by mature lime trees.
Used as a short cut to the car park it was often muddy with no endearing qualities.

Drought garden






Swan statues

The new garden celebrates the River Great Ouse which is the beating heart of the town.

With plants selected to simulate those along the bank and around the Priory marina it is made up of a a sweeping dry bed of shingle with sculptures of white swans, by Susannah Oliver, lifting off from the reeds.

  Drought garden Drought garden

It needs very little maintenance and no watering, even in the worst drought.
This has been achieved by insulating the soil with a geo-textile material and selecting plants which are used to growing in dry conditions


Drought garden Swan sculptures Verbena bonariensis




Dear Graham

Thank you so much for designing such a lovely patio garden for us to enjoy and for recommending D J Landscapes to us.

The work that Jason and his team have done is absolutely superb and we are extremely happy with everything.