Gardens - Small Estate Garden

Small Estate Garden

One of the first gardens designed by Graham, showing that good design can easily stand the test of time.

The house was brand new and the small garden was just a heap of topsoil.

Small estate garden before

The first job was to gain permission to remove the low wall between the patio and the main part of the garden; little walls can clutter up a garden and this one was no exception.
Positioned between the paving and the garden it acts as a psychological barrier and anyone sitting out there wouldn't feel they were welcome to walk around the rest of the garden.

Garden Design, lawn, mowing strip, pergola Small Barn Conversion garden

I wanted to pick up colours and features from the house and incorporate them into the new design. A significant feature of the house was the Northampton ironstone strips and these cried out to be included, however, this ironstone is very soft and would have turned to dust in the first winter.


The solution was to use Yorkstone with iron seamed throughout the stone.

The circle is very raw but it enabled me to screen off the neighbours rather unsightly above ground swimming pool by creating deep planting areas in the corners.

To get around the circle I stepped back in time and used crazy paving.

During construction it became apparent that we couldn't avoid the need for steps and, as I wanted easy access and movement around the garden, the steps ran the length of the lawn and some mystery was added by the steps and path leading into the compost heap in the corner of the garden.


The garden was built 20 years ago and photos have been taken at periods throughout its history- this is just a selection.

3  years on 3  years on 5 years on


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Dear Graham

Thank you so much for designing such a lovely patio garden for us to enjoy and for recommending D J Landscapes to us.

The work that Jason and his team have done is absolutely superb and we are extremely happy with everything.