Gardens - Small Barn Conversion

Garden Design, lawn, mowing strip, pergola


Small Barn Conversion garden

This small garden, attached to a stone cottage in a pretty Bedfordshire village, was a pleasure to design. Surrounded by old barns and tumbled down buildings the new garden had to fit neatly with its environment as well as be practical and roomy for the clients' young children to play.

The garden is 'L' shaped and the ramshackle pergola was positioned to form the link between the two sides of the 'L' ensuring that whereever you stand the structure invites you to explore the other part of the garden.

Garden Design, lawn, mowing strip, pergola




View from sitting area through pergola

Small Barn Conversion garden

The garden is finished by a circular lawn and a small sitting area positioned to pick up the maximum amount of privacy and sunshine. The planting has been designed to soften and enhance the hard surfaces as well as introduce cottage garden plants without the need for excessive maintenance.

Path leadng to second part of garden





Dear Graham

The work that Jason and his team from D J Landscapes have done is absolutely superb and we are extremely happy with everything. Thank you so much for recommending him to us and for designing such a lovely patio garden for us to enjoy.

We look forward to hearing from you.