Special Projects - Sheri's Garden

Sheris memorial garden

Sheri's Garden was unveiled at Bromham Lower School in Bromham Beds on March 22, 2010. Its innovative design means that it can be used by the school for lessons and also by the village's two churches for services or bible readings. It is a community project as well and as such will be open to anyone in the village to relax in and enjoy.

The garden is in the form of a journey which moves the visitor from one area to the other with plenty of seating for rest and relaxation on the route. This represents the path through life for Christians and is great fun for the kids. We start the journey with water and wine represented by a grapevine-covered pergola and a bubble fountain. From here the path leads to the main classroom circle; surrounded by peanut benches this space is marked by a Fish mosaic in the centre and surrounded by scented and textured plants.

Somehow on the garden open day the whole school
were fitted into the garden and sang a little song.
Great Stuff!

From here the path meanders to the Earth and Sun circle where a compass star is set into the paving and is overlooked by a mighty oak. Continuing on, the next circle has a butterfly mosaic in the centre representing the wildlife we share our world with. The path now disappears behind the oak and then starts the journey back to the start. As the planting develops, the garden will become a haven from the rigours of life, somewhere to ponder the meaning of life and something that will teach the young about nature and the joys of gardening.

Sheri garden design plan



Dear Graham

Thank you so much for designing such a lovely patio garden for us to enjoy and for recommending D J Landscapes to us.

The work that Jason and his team have done is absolutely superb and we are extremely happy with everything.